Korean actor Kim Min Joon caught raising middle finger at reporters

30 June 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Actor Kim Min Joon has become the subject of controversy because of his actions at the airport.

On the 28th, Kim Min Joon came to the Incheon International Airport. The airport was full of fans and reporters because many idol groups such as Super Junior, 2PM, and VIXX were leaving to Guangzhou for a concert.

When reporters recognized Kim Min Joon and started to take photos of him, he told the reporters not to take pictures and raised his middle finger at cameras and pushed one aside.

According to allkpop, there are reports that the photographers used profanity at Kim Min Joon and otherwise harassed him which led to the uncharacteristic behavior.

Kim Min Jun's manager apologized quickly to the reporters and fans who had been taking photos of him, but the photo became a hot issue across the internet.

His label apologized and told Newsen, "Kim Min Joon's actions were not proper. We are sorry."

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