Kit Chan on why she decided to star in local English thriller flick

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

When Kit Chan was handed a script from local director Jason Lai's upcoming thriller flick, Ms J Contemplates Her Choice, her interest in starring in it was piqued.

But what helped to seal the deal for Chan, making this her second outing on the silver screen after her role in the 2010 film Lover's Discourse, was an opportunity to work with veteran actress Xiang Yun.

In an interview with My Paper, Chan said the chance to star alongside Xiang was one she could not pass up.

"The productions that Xiang Yun has worked in gave me many memories, and I was extremely happy and honoured to be offered a chance to star alongside her in the movie."

The film stars Chan as a guest who gets invited on a radio show, helmed by actor-turned-DJ Bobby Tonelli, which becomes intense after a caller gets put through on air. Xiang Yun stars as Chan's on-screen sister in the film.

When asked about working with Tonelli, Chan said she was surprised at the level of chemistry that built between them, especially sine they did not know each other prior to filming, which ended a few days ago.

She also praised Tonelli for being respectful to women.

"We had a scene where he was supposed to hold me by the waist and prior to filming, he asked me about the area where I was comfortable with him putting his hand on.

"I felt he, like some Caucasians who came to Asia, knew how to respect different cultures and 'rules'."

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