Kim Yuna's BF in car crash after leaving army camp illegally to visit massage parlour

8 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) has reported to the public that Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna's ice hockey player boyfriend Kim Won Joong was involved in a car accident after violating a military regulation.

According to the MND, Kim Won Joong along with two fellow soldiers from the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps (KAFAC) left their training grounds on the night of June 27th, around 9PM KST.

After misinforming their coach that they were going out to buy sodas, they visited a Thai massage parlor three kilometers away from camp for two hours, reports allkpop.

On their way back, they were involved in a car accident with another driver driving under the influence. They were hospitalized soon after.

The Ministry of Defense noted that they did not find out about the incident through the soldiers themselves:

"The investigation headquarters received an anonymous report, and after looking into the issue [we found that] three ice hockey players serving in the KAFAC were properly hospitalized after a car accident; however they did not report [the incident] to the military and attempted to conceal the truth [until we uncovered it]."

They added, "[We found that] these three athletes along with their civilian supervisor violated a KAFAC military regulation; the executive supervisor plans to take disciplinary measures against each person [responsible]."

Despite the suspicious nature of the originally unreported incident, military representatives assured the public that the Thai massage parlor visited was not an indecent kind, as they stated, "We've confirmed that the massage parlor the three hockey players visited was not involved with [prostitution]."

As for the reasoning behind why this news was reported to the public so belatedly, it's possible that it's due to the fact that the investigations are still ongoing.

"Currently the investigation headquarters is looking into the car accident; the KAFAC have notified [us] the results of their own investigation and are planning to take disciplinary action immediately."

Korean netizens, however, are not convinced with these explanations and are suspicious that there is more to the story than is let on.

Netizens commented, "They're saying various [excuses]," "Hey Yuna, it looks like they're saying that Won Joong is this kind of [indecent] person," and "A Thai massage parlor?? Why do they emphasize that it's a Thai massage parlor?? How strange…."

The three soldiers have been staying at the training camp located in Gyeonggi Province, Ilsan since June 16th. They have been training in the Korean National Training Center, equipped with an ice rink.

In the same month that they started their training, they violated a military regulation, went out for a massage, and got involved in an unfortunate car accident.

Kim Won Joong currently bears the worst injuries. As he was sitting in the passenger's seat, his anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee was torn. The other two soldiers were fortunate enough to get away with slight bruises, and have returned to the training center.

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