Kim Yuna's BF reportedly partied with a group of girls at KTV till 7am

13 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

South Korea's figure skating icon Kim Yuna is in for more bad news, reported

Not only was her ice hockey player boyfriend Kim Won Joong involved in a car accident while breaking military regulations but it has also been revealed that he spent New Year's partying all night with a group of girls.

Korean news website 'The Fact' belatedly reported on Kim Won Joong's whereabouts on December 31 to January 1.

After having participated in the Asia League Ice Hockey (ALH) 2013-14 and before returning to the Korea National Training Center to resume his military service, Kim Won Joong received a vacation of five days and four nights.

On December 31st, he spent his vacation going to Gangnam with a party of people.

On January 1, 12 AM KST, it's reported that he drank alcohol for about one hour at a bar on Apgujeong Rodeo Street.

Afterwards, he and his party were accompanied by a group of girls to go to a karaoke bar in the Nonhyeon district.

Netizens are shocked at the fact that Kim Won Joong, his friends, and the group of girls stayed at the karaoke bar all night until at 7AM, then the group split up into boy-girl pairs and went their separate ways.

Things are not looking good for Kim Won Joong.

Korean netizen already suspect him of attending a massage parlor recently for "indecent" reasons despite the Ministry of National Defense's reporting otherwise.

With this piece of news now in the open, the public continues to criticize the hockey player, commenting online with, "What did Yuna do to you [for you to treat her like this],"

"What a complete bastard…," and, "Seems like this journalist is on a campaign to save Yuna [from her boyfriend]."

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