Kim Yuna to take legal action against those infringing into her private life

10 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Figure-skating queen Kim Yuna will be taking legal action against those infringing too far into her private life, reports All K-pop.

Her management said, "After there was a report that revealed Kim Yuna's dating photos, the videos about her dating have been circulating without control.

There are also false reports and guessing reports from various media. With this, photos and articles that either defame the pair's character or seriously invade into their private lives are being continuously published."

The management continued, "It is not just the media doing guesswork. There are posts that are completely false in Internet comments, on SNS, and on blogs.

It's already past the point of defamation of character by invading their private lives and spreading false truths."

They continued, "If false truths are spread, and if malicious posts are uploaded onto the internet or on SNS, we will quickly file a lawsuit under defamation of character.

"Making a video of the photos of Kim Yuna's private life is a clear invasion of privacy. It's illegal to reveal her private life without consent just because athletes are public figures."

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