Kim Nam-gil denies seeing Jang Na-ra

3 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Korea Joongang DailyCan you picture Kim Nam-gil and Jang Na-ra together?Kim sure didn’t think so as he came out to deny the rumor that linked the two actors together.“It’s ridiculous,‘ Kim said regarding the supposed gift that Kim lavished on her recently.Although Kim did pay for a snack van to visit the set of the drama “School‘ in which Jang stars, Kim’s agency said that the occasion was actually intended for friend and fellow actor Choi Daniel.“Although Kim and Jang are friends, there’s nothing more to it,‘ said the agency, adding that Kim wanted to shout his friend with whom he plays soccer from time to time.The rumor began circulating online when comedian Kim Young-chun claimed that a catering van stopped by the set of “School,‘ in which he also stars, as a gift from Kim to Jang for the actress’ recent win at the KBS Acting Awards.

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