Kim Jong Min, Danny Ahn, Park Eun Ji, Become Hosts of ‘How is Tonight?’

9 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

[by Sunghee Park]

Kim Jong Min, Danny Ahn, and Park Eun Ji became the hosts of Trend E channel’s new talk show ‘How is Tonight?’

Recently, the preview teaser video of ‘How is Tonight’ was released. This released teaser soon became an issue, arousing people’s expectation.

In the released teaser video, Park Eun Ji is having wine with a man who she met from blind date.

When Park Eun Ji says “I shouldn’t be drinking this much, you should take responsibility of me,” Kim Jong Min and Danny Ahn appear, looking displeased.

In the end of video, there is a subtitle that says “Do you guys do this also? We will help you” One official from Trend E channel said “Main concept of the program comes from X-rated subjects.

We are planning to suggest the honest solution and skill throughout the program.”

Meanwhile, new talk show ‘How is Tonight?,’ hosted by Kim Jong Min, Danny Ah, and Park Eun Ji will be released on January 16, 11PM at Trend E channel.

(photo by Trend E)

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