Kim Jae-joong scolds rude fans on Twitter

16 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Main photo: 24-7kpop.comKim Jae-joong of boy band JYJ expressed his discomfort over some overzealous, borderline stalker fans, commonly known as “sasaeng‘ fans, who have little respect for others save for the celebrities they like. “It is okay to take pictures as if you are a photographer at the airport, but can’t you at least say sorry or help the elderly who fell down, [because of you?]‘ he said on his Twitter account Sunday, reports Korea JoongAng Daily.“Can’t you check if they weren’t your grandmother instead of checking if you had gotten good photos?‘ he added saying that he came to Korean in a good mood, but such sentiment was ruined.Kim was back in Korea after his Asia tour.Kim Jae-joong also made the news for being seriously underweight.

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