Kim Jae Joong causes frenzy after going clubbing with unknown girl

25 September 2013 / 3 years 4 weeks ago

When JYJ's Kim Jae Joong was seen talking to a girl at a club, rumors started flying. Was he dating someone?

He was seen in a club, sitting close to a girl and whispering. The Internet was abuzz with rumors and to stop them from spreading, his agency issued a statement.

"The girl in question is actually his older sister," said a representative of C-JeS Entertainment, as reported by K Drama Stars.

Jae Joong spent the Chuseok holiday with his family and went out for a fun evening with his sister, never realizing that it would cause such a fuss.

The actor has already stated that if he was going to date he would not do so in public.

"I can only date publicly after I have been seeing someone for a long time," he said.

"I have had secret relationships but I don't think I can make a relationship public until I have dated someone for at least a year."

As Jae Joong has no plans to date publicly and he has eight sisters, so the odds are pretty high that if you see a photo of him in a club with a girl, it's probably one that he is related to.

The singer, composer and actor, who appeared in the dramas "Dr. Jin" and "Protect The Boss" and the film Heaven's Postman," has seven sisters in the family that adopted him.

He has one biological sister that he only met after he learned that he was adopted.

However, growing up with even seven sisters is enough to teach a man how to appeal to women.

Having grown up with sisters, he was babied and fussed over.

He was eager to please them and even liked to dress in their clothes.

One of his older sisters confessed that while she was working in a store, one day she saw him there with her clothes on.

Embarrassed, she told him to go home and change.

While he did go home that day, he kept wearing items of their clothing, especially their pants, until he was in middle school.

His sisters protected him and kept him from being bullied in school.

They also bought him his first radio and encouraged his interest in music.

By middle school, he had informed his adopted parents that he wanted to be an entertainer.

And of course his sisters were his first fans.

The singer, who will release his first full-length album this fall, is close with his sisters and sees them whenever he can.

He even sang at his oldest sister Min Kyung's wedding, performing with fellow JYJ member Junsu.

Last year it became known that his biological sister was studying theatre and film and planning to make her own acting debut.

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