Kim Hyun-Joong's assault charges: Text messages reveal 'scary evidence'

26 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

In a special report by Dispatch titled, “Kim Hyunjoong, whats the truth of the physical abuse? Attempt to find the truth with evidence 4”, the media portal looks into the accusations by Kim Hyunjoong’s ex-girlfriend.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that an alleged girlfriend of Kim Hyunjoong would be pressing charges against him. Kim Hyunjoong’s agency, KeyEast, was quick to release a statement on behalf of the actor.

They revealed that he was in indeed in a relationship, and that the two were in serious fights that ended in physical fights.

In the statement, they claim, “The story about him repeatedly assaulting [her] for the span of 2 months is false.” They claim that the “rib fracture the victim suffered is not a result of these fights, but of an earlier incident where they were playing around.”

In this latest report, Dispatch accuses Kim Hyunjoon or “Plaintiff A” of having statements that do not match at all. The following points are contradictory:

1. Date of occurences don’t match.
2. Number of physical altercations don’t match.
3. Different claims regarding the repeated offense.
4. The stories behind “Plaintiff A“‘s fractured rib.

Who’s telling the truth? Dispatch has put together exclusive text conversations between the two, revealing important details and showing evidence of the 'truth'. These screenshots were posted on Netizen Buzz and translated by Koreaboo.

Key East revealed that the two have known each other since 2012, but have only been dating for a few months. Meanwhile, 'A' stated that the two have been dating since 2012.

KeyEast also only admits to one case of assault on May 30th that required two weeks of treatment. Therefore, the assault was not habitual.

'A' has records of over three instances of assault, therefore the assault was habitual. (May 30th requiring two weeks, July 21st requiring six weeks, and another at the end of July).

'A''s text message to a friend the day after her 'rib cage fight' with Kim Hyun Joong:

- I fought with Kim Hyun Joong.
- My rib hurts so much, I can't lay to the side.
- He pushed it so hard that it cracked.

Netizens reading the report have commented, “Wow look at Dispatch’s evidence wow so freaking scary”, “There are 4 types of humans a man are born not to touch: Elders, handicap, girls, and children”, and more.

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