Kim Hyun Joong finally admits to hitting his GF -- but says it was only one time

5 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Kim Hyun Joong testified before the Songpa Police on Sept. 2nd and admitted to fighting with his girlfriend on one occasion. He said they did get physical during one emotional fight but denied that he is a repeat abuser.

His testimony lasted for four hours, with the singer reporting for questioning at 9 p.m. and leaving close to 1 a.m. the next day, reports K-Drama Stars.

According to the Korea Herald, as he entered the police station on his way to testify, he could only say, "I'm sorry, I will faithfully carry out the investigation."

The woman who accused him, known only as "A," said that he beat her up twice, between May and July and that resulted in two trips to the emergency room. The second time she said that she had a fractured rib that took six weeks to heal.

The Dispatch recently published photographs to document some of her injuries as well as texts in which she and Kim Hyun Joong supposedly discussed the incident. In the texts she says that she did not deserve to get beaten and Kim Hyun Joong apologized for hurting her.

At first, Kim's agency, Key East Entertainment, denied the couple had been dating for two years but the texts prove they had.

After speaking with their client, Key East released a statement saying that the two fought once but that the second injury happened while they were joking around.

At a press conference a police representative shared some of what Kim Hyun Joong said during his testimony. The singer and actor admitted that he got emotional while they were fighting but said that the rest of the accusations are false. According to the police he admitted one assault in the four that he was accused of. And he said that neither of them realized she had fractured her rib when it happened because they were fooling around.

Since "A" and Kim Hyun Joong have conflicting statements the police plan to bring the accuser in again for further investigation. Perhaps the two parties can come to an understanding.

If the police are convinced that there was an assault case, Kim Hyun Jonog could face a criminal trial. If convicted the singer and actor could face years in prison.

Kim Hyun Joong was on his "Fantasy" concert tour before he returned to Korea to answer police summons. He will continue his tour now that he has given testimony. His next concerts are in Peru on Sept. 7, Mexico on Sept. 12 and Japan on Sept. 16.

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