Kibby Lau gets $40,000 for spending night with middle-aged man?

30 May 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Throughout her acting career, 23-year old TVB artist, Kibby Lau, never had much opportunity to deliver a memorable performance. Although she appeared in numerous dramas, they were only cameo roles that lasted for a few seconds. Lacking a stable income, rumours surfaced that Kibby was involved with a middle-aged man from mainland China. Allegedly, she pocketed $250,000 HKD ($40,000) for spending one night at a hotel in Macau, reports Popular Asians. On May 14, Kibby was spotted suspiciously in Macau boarding a mini van. After having dinner, a middle-aged man was seen holding her hands intimately and the two later entered Star World Hotel. At 2 a.m., there was still no sign that Kibby had left.Media sources claimed that they possess details of the situation and even has an audio recording. Allegedly, it could be heard in the recording that Kibby had asked the man for his age and origin. She also told the man to delete the content on his WhatsApp, afraid that there would be leakage.Kibby later accepted an interview and denied what the tabloids had to say. She explained she was having dinner for a friend’s birthday, and they had gone into the hotel to sing karaoke. When asked why she was not spotted leaving the hotel, Kibby said that there were too many exits for reporters to, notice. She added that she is unfamiliar with Macau.Kibby responded to the reports on her Weibo and again denied the media reports. She posted, “The expression of a text can indeed kill someone. When a teacher gives you a photo, you can write a story based on it. The author can vividly put it into words, making it provocative, funny, touching, or even allowing others to feel disgust. "Actually, I am just a normal woman. Removing the glamorous decorative mask, I am still a person of flesh and blood who has thoughts and feelings‘¦.Thank you to my family and friends who care for me and trust me. Don’t worry, I’m fine! It’s not true when it’s not true!‘

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