Kevin Cheng's leg injuries might cost him $3 million dollars

29 December 2013 / 2 years 9 months ago

Kevin Cheng, 44, ditched his 'good boy' image earlier in popular Mainland drama Startling Step by Step, then switched to the 'martial arts' image in TVB series Gloves Come Off and in Mainland drama Ip Man.

As he became more and more popular, his salary went on a triple jump. This year he was ranked 48 on Forbes China's Top 100 Celebrities List, reports an article on Tvbnewsworld.

However, behind the popularity comes with injuries all over the body. Last year Kevin injured his right eye while shooting Ip Man and ended up with 10 stitches. In the past year due to his previous leg injury, he had trouble kneeling and walking down the stairs. Earlier he had major pain in his waist due to a shift in his cervical vertebra.

To treat his injuries, Kevin went to see well-known Chinese medicine doctor Dr. Law Ying Cheung. International stars Chow Yun Fat and Alan Tam sees this doctor as well. 

Despite all the injuries, Kevin is still a busy man. It was understood a Mainland company is interested in casting him in an action-filled drama next month.

Because of his leg injuries, Kevin is still considering whether to accept it or not. If he decides to turn it down, then he'll end up losing nearly 15 million RMB (around HK$19.2 million and S$3 million). What a pity!

Yesterday, Kevin responded like a tough guy. He said: "Thank you all for the concern. I'm fine. Thanks!

(Will your condition affect your work?) "I still have a lot of scripts to look over, not sure what to accept yet. I won't let my injuries affect my work. Actually its not a big deal, I've been filming for so many years, its just injuries that I've accumulated over the years. Sometimes I have to do physical therapy, and my bones might shift from time to time, but lately I had some time so decided to go get some therapy done. Its not a big deal."

It is understood that Kevin will back at TVB in April to shoot a police-action series.

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