Kevin Cheng asks for privacy so that new relationship can develop

15 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Kevin Cheng was interviewed during a god worshipping ceremony for a new drama series, Jiang, and he asked the paparazzi to give him some privacy -- in response to the news of him kissing a beautiful woman in a nightclub.

Kevin said that the woman works for another industry, and that he has brought a lot of trouble to her, according to ON.CC translated by Asian E-News.

He said: “She is not a high profile person. Please give me some privacy. Please do not speculate as long as I have not made any announcements.

“Please wait for me to announce, and until then, give me privacy. Otherwise, it is hard for the relationship to develop. I do not want to reveal too many details, in order not to affect her private life.

The reporters also asked about Charmaine Sheh, Kevin’s rumoured girlfriend, sending her blessings, Kevin laughed. He said that it is normal for good friends to send their blessings to each other, and that he “will wish her happiness too”.

When asked if there was a chance for Kevin and Charmaine to reconcile, Kevin denied. He said that Charmaine and I do not think this way.

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