Kevin Cheng opens up about his 22-year age gap with new GF Grace Chan

11 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Kevin Cheng, 45 has finally admitted his relationship with Grace Chan, 23!

Rumours of Kevin and Grace have been circling after the latter was spotted visiting Kevin’s apartment. Although the pair did not acknowledge their relationship, they would always respond that there was room for progress. After filming in Holland for 18 days, it looks like the duo has taken their relationship further.

“Please give us some space to date”

According to Ming Pao Weekly, Kevin was more relaxed talking about Grace. He said, “After spending some time together, we are very comfortable interacting with each other. She has a good personality which I admire. I have said before, I want to get married and have children. Please give us some space to date.”

Kevin shared that they had spent more time together in Holland even though they were split into different filming teams. Kevin sang praises of Grace, saying that she is smart and is a talented actress. As a friend, she is someone who is frank and is considerate towards others.

“Although she is born in a quite well-to-do family, she doesn’t behave like those rich girls, who are afraid of hardship and even hurting their fingers would become a big issue. She has none of those. This is very rare and I admire her. Someone who has a good nature will have a positive attitude.”

Age gap doesn’t hinder

Kevin is not at all bothered about the label, “Father-daughter relationship” which the media has given.

“I feel that when two people become friends, lovers or couple, being able to communicate is more important. If you have similar age, but you can’t communicate, the relationship will not work too.”

Kevin said that Grace is an intellectual girl and their similar interests may be attributed to their education overseas.

“We have shared our thoughts on career. Grace comes from a beauty pageant background. Some will think that these beauty pageant contestants are very eager to join the industry, but she actually loves acting. She puts in a lot of effort and is not after fame. She only wants to prove herself and to achieve the satisfaction. In this materialistic society, this is very rare.”

Will ask Grace out on movie dates

When asked if he had officially courted Grace, Kevin did not deny and said, “I want to get married and have children. There has to be room for development first. If there is time, I will want to ask her out for dinner and movie so that she can understand me better too.”

Grace is also unfazed by their 22-year age gap, and during this trip, she is able to see the other side of Kevin. Grace saw that Kevin was very considerate to the colleagues and the working crew. He would help his colleagues with their bags and would treat the working crew snacks after seeing how hard they had worked.

“Although he doesn’t talk much, he knows how to take care of others. He is also very professional in his job. He always teaches me to be humble,” said Grace.

When asked if she would go out with Kevin on dates, Grace said, “I will if there is time. We are good friends. (Will you inform your parents if you are dating?) I am very close to my parents. If I am dating, I will tell them.”

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