Kevin Cheng may have finally found love with this 23-year-old celeb

4 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Although 45-year-old Kevin Cheng has expressed his desire to place romance on the side and focus on work, he has reportedly been secretly dating his Blue Veins costar, 23-year-old Grace Chanfor two months.

Grace was recently spotted entering Kevin’s residential building, reports Jayne Stars.

Later, Kevin walked through the main lobby. After staying home for more than one hour, he left in a car with another passenger.

Residents claim that they have sighted Grace within the building previously, but have not seen Grace and Kevin together simultaneously.

An insider said, “Grace is not only pure and true, but she is also a good girl. Everyone knows that Kevin is a man of few words. When he saw how clever and behaved Grace was, he started to talk more. Grace also likes mature men, so they ended up dating!” 

In response to the news, Kevin admitted that Grace had indeed visited his home.

“We began filming around two months ago, so did we begin dating immediately? Actually, I have moved there a little more than a year ago, so it is not a love nest. Thank you for everyone’s rich imaginations.

“That day, I had to continue working after attending an event with FILMART. I previously had a conversation with her about films.

"She is very motivated and likes to watch movies and see where she can improve. I have a large DVD collection, but I had to work and wasn’t at home.

"I thought if she wanted to borrow it, just go to my house and get it, since I have a maid to open the door anyway. It’s really just that simple. Don’t think too much into it.”

When asked whether he possessed any romantic feelings for Grace, Kevin responded, “Right now, it is just feelings of friendship. We are currently just friends. Everything starts from friendship, but you can’t really say it like that. Currently, we are just friends and colleagues.”

Despite their 20-year-age gap, Kevin does not believe age is an issue.

“I don’t consider this factor. What’s important is whether [we] can communicate and about the right timing.”

Kevin further stated that he will not feel awkward when he bumps into Grace.

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