Kevin Cheng furious over rumours about him being involved with married cousin

20 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Kevin Cheng is boiling that tabloids have claimed that he is involved with Wang Xian Yong -- who is his cousin, and who is also married.

According to, the duo was seen constantly together, and Wang often travelled to China with Cheng for work. They also reportedly took a secret holiday to Singpore together this year.

She has also taken on the roles as her cousin's personal assistantant and photographer.

Because of his, tabloids have claimed that this has caused Wang to distance herself from her husband. They are also reportedly filing for a divorce.

Kevin Cheng responded to the rumours angrily: 

"I have been indiferrent to the untrue and slanderous report, but there is a limit to my tolerance level.

"This time my family is implicated because of an untrue report and caused damage to their reputation.

"I can't remain silent anymore.

"I have strongly urged the magazine to to apologise for this untrue report and will reserve my right to take legal action."

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