Kesha's new year's resolution is to 'not suck at anything'

31 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Bang Showbiz NewsKesha doesn't make New Year's resolutions - apart from not to "suck" at anything she does. The 'Die Young' hitmaker doesn't make many new year's resolutions, apart from aiming not to let herself down in any areas of her life.She said: "My new year's resolution is to not suck at anything!"The 25-year-old star also revealed how she has no regrets in her life as she thinks everything happens for a reason and she can learn from all her experiences.She exclusively told BANG showbiz: "I don't have any regrets. I don't really believe in that. I feel like if it all comes out, it's for a reason. Even the stupid s**t."Ke$ha may also be looking for love in 2013 as she recently revealed her ideal man - a long-haired bearded biker.She said: "There aren't celebrities that I necessarily have a thing for. I'm into metal dudes with long hair, big beards, motorcycles, that love heavy metal."

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