Kenneth Ma's sarcastic remarks about Coffee Lam's toilet scandal

27 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

TVB artiste, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was promoting his new series, Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain (寒山潛龍) at the hotel in Hong Kong, when he made some sarcastic remarks about Coffee Lam's toilet scandal.

The former TVB actress and a male friend, Will Lam (林知譽), shared a spacious restroom stall for people with disabilities located inside a Hong Kong mall. During that time, loud knocking sounds and heavy breathing were heard and they were confronted by press when they emerged 30 minutes later.

When questioned, Coffee Lam said it was " just gathering to talk with a friend".

Ma and Lam are known for their unforgettable scene in Triumph in the Skies II (衝上雲霄II), where Coffee Lam was lying on top of Kenneth Ma. 

When asked about the 'disabled toilet gathering' which caused Coffee to be terminated from TVB, Kenneth said: "I am a failure as she did not invite me to the gathering. I am unsure about this but I guess do not need to be terminated. There may be a chance but needs to wait for the company's decision.".

After having completed filming for new series, The Misadventures of Zoo (流氓皇帝), Kenneth will be filming the series, The Hero (梟雄) and acting as the younger version of Anthony Wong (黃秋生).

Although he did not have any scenes with Anthony Wong, but he will steal some tips when Anthony was acting. Kenneth said: "I feel stress when acting as the young Anthony Wong and have to see how Anthony acts for his role as well.".

Source: ON.CC via Asia e-news portal

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