Kenneth Ma thinks Charmaine Sheh is the ideal woman

16 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Rumor-prone artists Kenneth Ma and Charmaine Sheh chose to address their latest romance gossip with humor.

While Kenneth feels that he is not good enough to date his co-star, Charmaine instead gave him encouragement, calling him professional and a gentleman.

Currently filming TVB mini movie A Time of Love in Singapore, Kenneth and Charmaine got along well on set and some claimed that Charmaine is putting the moves on TVB’s most eligible bachelor.

Charmaine raised objection to these reports on January 14, joking that Kenneth is the one initiating the chase. Single and similar in age, many are expecting love sparks from this new pairing.

Although Kenneth easily joked that he would consider courting Charmaine, in actuality, he finds himself undeserving and feels that he is a poor match for TVB’s top sister.

“Over eighty percent of Charmaine matches my image of an ideal partner. The remaining twenty percent is that my career is not as great as hers, and that I don’t make as much as she does. I will continue to work hard!”

Charmaine however has a higher opinion of Kenneth and agrees with his eligible bachelor title. “He is very humble and very high level [quality]. We have good chemistry working together and it feels fresh.”

She took the opportunity to market herself as well, stressing that she is also very eligible, reports Ming Pao.

Receiving such high praise, Kenneth regained confidence in his chances and promised to let everyone know once he puts his courting plans into action.

Although the two seem unlikely to pursue anything serious, their harmonious working relationship will surely add sparks to their first-ever on-screen collaboration.

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