Kenneth Ma in tears after winning Outstanding Performance award

4 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Kenneth Ma shared a tender moment with Tavia Yeung after they were named 2012's Outstanding TV Performance Artistes during the spring dinner for the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers. The two were presented '2012 TV Outstanding Performance Male/Female Artiste', Kenneth said, "Last time, Moses Chan won. Im even more moved with Tavia winning". Kenneth became teary-eyed while talking, revealing his feelings. Tavia, who was on the side, pulled out a tissue and wiped his tear, causing Kenneth to shyly say, "I'm very sentimental. Sorry. Because, this time, it is voted by the workers behind the scenes. This is a very big encouragement". After hearing this, Tavia suddenly realized and said, "Really? Didn't know! I am also very touched. 'TV Queen' was voted by the audience. To have the recognition of those behind the scenes is very precious".

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