Kenneth Ma makes female fan blush by treating her like baby

25 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

TVB's Kenneth Ma attended a Christmas event at the mall, where he attracted nearly one hundred fans.

He performed two songs and played games with several female fans. Dubbed the 'male god', Kenneth got the female fans so happy as he fed them and took pictures with them.

When Kenneth fed the blindfolded fan girl, she blushed and appeared really nervous, while the other fans below the stage screamed loudly in jealousy.

Later, two other fan girls helped Kenneth wrap up his arm and knee. The enthusiastic fan wrote "I Love You" on the bandage and gave it a kiss. The other fan girl knelt down to help Kenneth bandage up his knee.

Kenneth and some other fans formed a heart with their arms and other "HK Girl 10 Styles".

Kenneth said he has many jobs over the Christmas holidays, reports an article on Tvbnewsworld.

When asked if wanted someone to accompany him during the holidays, he replied: "I'm old! I've past that age of wanting to be in a relationship. After all, I live in the present. Whether I have a lover or not, I'll be just as happy.

Asked if any fan girls confessed their love to him, he said: "Nope! They're just coming out to support me, they are very implicit."

He added that he has never thought about it when questioned on weather he would mind dating a fan.

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