Kenneth Ma gets shoved by crowd of students during meet-and-greet

4 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Kenneth Ma, Eliza Sam, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Tracy Chu and Crystal Li attended the promotional event for TVB series The Hippocratic Crush II held at a middle school.

The cast had a soccer match against the students, each time had five team members, reports Minpao.

The game ended in a tie. Aside from playing soccer, the cast also had a chance to pull in more votes before the TVB Anniversary Awards.

The majority of the students wanted to get close interaction with the cast, which caused a huge chaos.

Kenneth and Him were the most popular ones, many students surrounded them to get autographs and a picture with their idol.

Kenneth was pushed into the goal by the crowd, while Him smiled and escaped. When Kenneth appeared at the soccer court, many students shouted and screamed:

"So handsome!" Kenneth joked: "They are all nearsighted! This time, I'm taking the opportunity to pull in more votes. I asked them to go home and tell their family to vote for me.

(How much confidence do you have to become TV King this year?) Never been stressed about it.

"I hope I could ride on On Call2's finale to get more votes because On Call2's finale airs on the night before the awards ceremony."

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