Kenneth Ma and Tracy Chu make a great couple, says fortune teller

4 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Tracy Chu (朱千雪) is currently enjoying her transition as a TVB actress. Her past year was a fulfilling one, and she has become a much more open person who is willing to accept new challenges.

With a sociable personality, Tracy is said to be favorable amongst her colleagues. Earlier reports indicated she and The Hippocratic Crush 2 costar, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), were more than just friends.

Oriental SUnday reports that although Tracy emphasized her single status, she did not refrain from praising Kenneth. “Kenneth is a very nice person,” Tracy expressed. “He’s very friendly and does not have an intimidating personality.”

In terms of her love life, Tracy revealed she has no plans to start new relationships. At the moment, acting is her main priority, and love will be up to fate. Tracy is willing to discuss the topic openly and admitted she is not a very romantic girl.

Tracy shared, “I do not have to find very intense love. I like it when I have someone by my side to support me when I need him to. It’s enough if I feel like he is a good friend.”

Tracy’s ideal man is someone who is able to understand what is on her mind, and is willing to listen to her talk her heart out. According to a fortune teller, Ng Pui Fu (吳佩孚), Tracy and Kenneth will make a great couple.

Apparently, their relationship will advance to new heights fairly quickly this year. “Tracy is suited to men with the element of fire. Kenneth’s surname (horse) belongs to the fire category. Plus, he is dark-skinned, and that also represents fire in metaphysics.

She will attract luck if she dates Kenneth.” The fortune teller also added that acting is a very suitable career for Tracy, and she has the potential to become TV Queen one day.

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