Is Ken Lim addicted to being judge on S'pore reality TV shows?

28 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

An opinion piece by S M Ong, published in The New Paper, mentions Ken Lim's involvement as a judge on Singapore reality television shows -- for a grand total of six times.

An excerpt reads:  

"...Lim was back on Channel 5 as a judge on The Final 1, for which he also received a "created by" credit.

Maybe he started believing the hype that he's "Singapore's Simon Cowell".

The other two judges in The Final 1 are Kit Chan and Taufik, who once appeared with his Idol co-finalist Sylvester Sim in promos for Triumph BeeDees underwear for girls. I didn't make that up.

In early 2005, if you had spent at least $80 worth of Triumph products including a BeeDees bra-and-brief-set or swimwear, you would've stood a chance to meet Taufik and Sim on Valentine's Day.

As part of the promotion, 200 BeeDees cami-and-shorts sets autographed by Taufik and Sim were also auctioned off for charity.

That didn't jeopardise Taufik's credibility as a judge at all.

As for Ken Lim, he has now been a judge six times - three times on Singapore Idol, once each on Asian Idol (which Hady won in 2007), Live The Dream and The Final 1.

Somewhere, Dick Lee, who has been a judge four times (three times on Idol and once on Live The Dream), must be shaking his head and saying: "Aiyoh, even I have better things to do."

I'm getting concerned.

I think we need to have an intervention for Lim. The man could be addicted to reality TV singing competition judging.

I wonder if there's a Judge-aholics Anonymous support group he can join.

Could it be that Lim was so desperate for a fix that he created The Final 1 just so that he could be a judge again?

I'm not sure if he has hit rock bottom yet, but please let The Final 1 be his final one."

What are your thoughts on Ken Lim being a familiar face in the reality television arena as judge?

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