Kelvin Kwan frightened after Ella Koon keeps touching his chest

10 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Recently, Ella Koon and Kelvin Kwan attended SWATCH's event held in Causeway Bay. Kelvin has been working hard in preparation for a concert. Although he didn't take off his shirt at the event, he couldn't hide his well-built chest, reports Oriental Daily.Ella couldn't help herself and reached over to teach Kelvin's chest while the media took pictures. She said: "He has the biggest chest in this whole event, even bigger than the girls." Then Ella poked and touched Kelvin's chest some more, which frightened the guy so much. Kelvin helplessly asked Ella: "Are you crazy?" Kelvin said he hasn't seen Ella in a long time, but he never thought she would become so "fierce". As for Ella's comment that his chest is bigger than the girls, Kelvin said: "I didn't pay attention. I was just concentrated on working out and didn't do any measuring. I just finished working out at the gym before coming to this event." Ella said: "I haven't seen him in a long time. He wasn't as fit before, and when I saw him today I wanted to touch his muscles." Ella estimated Kelvin's chest size: "I think his chest is over 40-inches, definitely bigger than mines. He even stole the limelight of the other girls in bikinis." View more embarrassing situations in the gallery below.

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