Kelly Chen: There's no place to hide my kids in Hong Kong

25 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Even though filming her latest movie, Horseplay, meant she had to be away from her two young sons, Hong Kong star Kelly Chen relished the experience.

In her 20-minute interview with Straits Times Life! to promote the movie, Chen sounds sunny and relaxed, and is refreshingly candid.

Unlike many celebrities who clam up over personal questions, she is open about discussing her children and her parenting style.

She lets on, for example, that she was concerned about being away from home as her businessman husband Alex Lau, 40, tends to be more lax with the boys. The couple got married in 2008.

"Even when my children are coughing, he will cave in to their demands and feed them chips. I'm okay with them eating junk food but not when they're sick. They end up coughing all night and don't sleep well. That's the type of thing I'm worried about," she says. However, her husband is strict when it comes to exposing the kids in public.

She says: "Many people have approached us to ask if the boys could be featured in advertisements, but my husband doesn't allow it."

Still, she wants to be able to take her kids out of the house and lead a normal life as much as possible. The family reportedly live in Hong Kong's Kadoorie Hill.

"Hong Kong is too small, where can I possibly hide them anyway? So I'll still go out with them," she says.

"I'm pretty all right with people taking pictures of them. I don't think the tabloids will really run anything negative about them. They're just kids."

With so much testosterone in the household, is she eager to have a daughter?

She says, chuckling: "I don't mind having a girl, but only if I'm not the one who has to give birth. Pregnancy is really very tough, so I think I'm fine for now." 

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