Kate Upton breaks fans hearts with 'marriage proposal' before they realise this

21 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

A few days ago, Kate Upton posted a picture of a 'marriage proposal' on Instagram, sending her male fans into a frenzy.

It seemed as though boyfriend, Justin Verlander, had popped the question to the sexy bombshell.

The image showed "Marry Me?" written in what looks like strawberry syrup, with the options, "yes", "duh" and "of course".

Her caption says, "I didn't even get no as an option".

As men around the world had their hearts broken, they failed to realise the hashtag...#justkidding.

When everyone got uptight, Kate herself sent out a tweet, saying that they had ruined her joke as she was just kidding and she was not engaged.

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