Kate Tsui's heartbreaking revelation will sadden you

4 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Kate Tsui revealed that she is currently experiencing a phase of uncertainty and hopes to discover a breakthrough in her life.

The star  spent her college years studying abroad in the United States. Attending the University of California, Davis, Kate had the opportunity to spend the winter holiday season celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year with a diverse group of friends.

Although Kate left her close friends and the carefree lifestyle behind in the United States, she continued to retain her holiday spirits since returning to Hong Kong, reports Jayne Stars

“I will usually go shopping at the flower market and buy poinsettias for Christmas. I will also buy some Christmas decorations, but due to the limited space in my house, I can’t fit a Christmas tree. Instead, I buy pine cone scented candles. When lit, the entire house will smell of pine cones and become very festive!”

Since traveling has been known to foster a sense of happiness, Kate disclosed that she wished to visit Finland, reports Kate 

While she has seen the Northern Lights on television on numerous occasions, she hopes to have the opportunity to see the enchanting lights in person.

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