Kate Tsui's gang rape scene in new TVB drama lead to complaints

27 October 2012 / 4 years 1 day ago

Source: Oriental Daily, TVB News WorldPhotos: The New PaperIn the latest TVB series, Highs and Lows, Kate Tsui puts her Miss Hong Kong image behind her and plays a tragic character -- a drug addict who gets gang raped by 4 men.Last night (Oct 26), the gang rape scene was aired but it was a huge disappointment for the audience. The scene was about Kate being injected with drugs, leading to her losing consciousness before four men start laughing, one of them saying "When is it my turn?"In that whole scene, there was not much space that allowed Kate to develop her character and the entire gang rape scene lasted just a few seconds. The viewers who have been watching 22 episodes of the series were very disappointed. Yesterday the OPCA received 3 complaints on the related scene.In a phone interview, Tsui said: "Don't be upset. When I was filming that scene, I gave it all I got and followed what the director told me to do. The edited version gave audience room for some imagination. After all, there are limitations on television. Actually, the message behind the whole scene is the most important. We want to promote anti-drugs and show what drugs can lead to as a consequence. So that scene just touched on it. I think it's good to leave some room for imagination. Aiya! It's not nice to see me take off my clothing either!Producer Lam Chi Wah expressed it is related to the television scale, and to take the audience's feelings into account. They didn't want the audience to feel disturbed, therefore how that scene was explained was reasonable. He said: "We didn't cut that scene, Netizens have been focused too much on the gang rape scene, that they are thinking too much. We did say before that the story will indirectly explain that the rape happened, but won't show the process. That scene won't make people feel uncomfortable in reality. "Netizens wanted a 'refund'? The producer expressed he will continue to make more good series to repay the audience. Ella Koon responded to audience's disappointment of the gang rape, she said: "Really? Her acting is great, every one of us had a lot of room to develop the roles. That scene was suppose to promote anti-drugs. Why are the audience so psycho and want to watch gang rape?" But Ella supported Kate, "Perhaps it's an issue of television scale and editing, the scene wasn't used after all, that is a little disappointing."

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