Kate Tsui's father would hit her until she stopped crying as a child

13 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Since winning the 2004 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, it has been ten years since Kate Tsui (徐子珊) started her acting career. Yet, she still finds it hard to adjust to the many pressures faced as an actress.

In a recent interview, Kate admitted she often cried behind the camera to relieve her inner state of anxiety, reports a Jayne Stars article.

As it was Kate’s first time acting in a comedy, Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> posed many difficult challenges. Adding to the pressure, she knew viewers had high expectations due to costar Dayo Wong’s (黃子華) comeback.

During the first two weeks of filming, Kate was so nervous that she headed over to the side and cried once the camera stopped rolling. Fortunately, Dayo not only provided emotional support, but also helped Kate immerse in her character and adjust to the script.

Kate often cried a lot as a child, but her strict father hit her until she stopped. Throughout the years, she had learned to be strong, but things changed once again after joining the industry.

Kate expressed, “It’s like suddenly turning on the water tap. I experience big emotional waves, but as an artiste, I must take care of my image. I can’t appear to be very fragile.

"With a large amount of pressure and such long work hours, a weak person would have to pick up her bags and leave within three days! So am I considered a strong person all the time? Not really!”

Recently, things have been looking better for Kate. She has turned to yoga practices in order to unwind from her busy work schedules.

Through the sessions, Kate has mastered new breathing techniques in order to calm and relax herself. She greatly enjoys the activity, since it has been very beneficial to her well-being. Kate admitted it is hard for her to earn viewers’ favor, especially when she often portrays unlikeable roles.

“The characters I portray always appear very rough. There’s a lot of room for me to develop, but the audience either loves it or hates it. It’s like that every single time, and so it’s hard for me to be accepted.

"Usually, family viewers prefer Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) good-girl image. But if I were to play a good girl, viewers may say, ‘Why is Kate pretending to be all innocent?’”

Thus, it came as a surprise when Kate took home the My Favorite Female Character Award in 2012. In her acceptance speech, Kate expressed she has never thought she would be an audience favorite. She found the award to be highly significant, since it was a sign that people are finally starting to accept her.

As a celebrity, Kate needs extra time to better understand a dating partner. One of her boyfriends in the past turned out to only like her image as an artiste, rather than her personality.

Kate announced, “If I date anyone, I will inform the public for sure. It’s just that I haven’t found the man I can be with forever yet.”

Kate added that her ideal future boyfriend would be someone outside the entertainment industry. She revealed her main reason, “I can’t watch him hug and kiss other girls! Even if I know it’s only for filming purposes, I still won’t be able to stand it!”

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