Kate Tsui on what makes a woman sexy

4 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsThere is no denying that Kate Tsui (徐子珊) is one of this year’s hottest TVB stars. As a front-runner for the TV Queen award, Kate always exudes an air of sexiness and confidence when she is in front of the camera. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Kate gives us an inside glimpse on what she defines as sexiness.Onscreen, Kate often exudes a polished feminine image, wearing skin tight dresses and high heels. However, Kate prefers to dress comfortably on her days off, wearing flats and not putting any makeup on. Kate believes that true sexiness goes beyond one’s looks and image. “Other people have complimented my pouty lips and sultry eyes, which I have my mother to thank for those features, but that alone cannot define ‘˜sexy’. I would consider my shoulders and skin to be my best assets.‘Kate believes that one’s confidence and power to determine her own fate outside of a man’s shadow makes a true sexy woman. “In present day, sexiness cannot be measured by looks anymore. In fact, it is a woman’s confidence and willpower to determine her own fate that makes one sexy. Modern day women no longer aim to marry and rely soley on their husbands to give them a ‘˜title’; they can also aggressively tell the men, ‘˜I don’t want to give you the title’.“Tenderness is another gift that women have. If a woman can be confident, but tender and softspoken, then I consider that sexy. Unfortunately I still lack the tenderness inside of me because I’m too much of a tomboy, so I’m far from being sexy!“I find that spontaneity can also be very sexy, just like being able to wander aimlessly with no destination. I have done that before when I was travelling alone in Prague. All of a sudden it started raining so I went into a coffee shop, and then a rainbow appeared after the rain. It felt like such a romantic moment.‘Kate considers Johnny Depp to be the sexiest man. Aside from his bad boy image, he also possesses a deep and mysterious appeal both onscreen and offscreen. “I also think Charlize Theron and Maggie Cheung are class acts because they can be so feminine yet strong.‘

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