Kate Tsui studies in New York and rejects long-distance relationship

3 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Earlier to improve her acting skills, TVB Fadan Kate Tsui enrolled in a short-term acting class at New York Film Academy while working in the US, reported Asian E-News Portal.

She enjoyed her life as a student for four weeks, she said: "Compared to what I learned previously, it was entirely different. The course focused a lot on the techniques. It's like going to Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, but the location changed to New York!"

Although she attended classes every day for 10 hours and after class she was busy with homework, Kate had no regrets.

She also expressed that she met people from all around the world such as students from the US, Brazil, England, South Africa, Korea, Portugal, etc.

She said: "Going to school, I learned a lot of new things and obtained a lot of new inspirations. Really liked it! After school, I can watch a movie or a musical with my classmates, walk around everywhere, eat some food!"

Kate expressed that this time she's advancing her studies to better her basic skills in acting.

She thought being a student compared to an actress is more relaxing, she smilingly said: "Each day I didn't want to leave, didn't want to return to Hong Kong!"

Asked if she had any romantic encounters in New York, she smiled and replied: "There was! There was a teaching assistant that tried to ask me out but I rejected him. Had to focus on my schoolwork!"

She continued and said she didn't revealed her identity as an actress in the beginning.

But there were classmates that searched online for her information so her identity as an artist was eventually revealed.

Kate Tsui
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