Kate Tsui spotted on a date with mystery man -- but fans notice this

10 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Since breaking up with her optometrist boyfriend two years ago, Kate Tsui remained luckless in her love life.

Desperate to get married at 35-years-old, Kate was seen cozying up with a Moses Chan lookalike.

In recent months, Kate is growing anxious about her bleak love life, especially after witnessing beauty queens Tracy Ip and Queenie Chu getting engaged one after another.

Actively searching for a suitable partner, Kate was seen on a date with a man who resembled Moses at a local coffee shop in Sheung Wan. 

But here's the twist -- he had a ring on his finger, suggesting that he might already be married, reports Jayne Stars

A customer recognized Kate and eavesdropped on their conversation while snapping photographs of the pair cozying up to each other.

The customer, Ms. S, revealed that the man constantly showed off his properties and offered to give Kate a tour of the places.

In the photograph taken by Ms S., it was seen that the man was wearing a wedding band on his finger, suggesting that he is already married. 

As well, the man invited Kate to a movie date to see Stand By Me: Doraemon.

Mysterious Man is Celebrity Tango Teacher

The identity of Kate’s date was revealed after the pictures surfaced. Many recognized the man as popular celebrity tango teacher, Ka Mong.

Kate, being a dance enthusiast, was one of Ka Mong’s beloved students.

Just earlier, Ka Mong uploaded a picture of Kate onto his Facebook, and wrote a caption summarizing a conversation they had.

Realizing this fueled more gossip, Ka Mong took down the picture shortly afterwards.

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