Kate Tsui shares the chilling experiences she had while filming in columbarium

29 March 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Promoting horror film Knock Knock Who’s There at FILMART 2015, Kate Tsui spoke about her filming experiences.

She revealed that she did not have any supernatural encounters but would offer daily prayers with joss sticks for her own peace of mind, reports Popular Asians.

She also described the chilling experience of filming in a columbarium,

“There were all these urns filled with the ashes of dead people and they were everywhere, even in the bathroom! I didn’t dare to look around too much.”

Carrie Ng, who directed Knock Knock Who’s There, added,

“I was so scared of seeing a ghost that even my producer mocked me! However, I’m gradually learning to enjoy the thrill of being scared!”

Chang Chen was at the event to promote Drive Me Crazy, a romantic comedy film centered on car racing.

Having just become a father, Chang Chen enthused, “It’s an incredible feeling! I’m still not used to it.”

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