Kate Tsui rushed to hospital after falling down in 5-inch heels

29 May 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Recently, Kate Tsui fell down while filming for her new drama, My Prime Lady. According to an article in Asian Pop News, she was wearing 5-inch heels and was filming a scene where she had to splash water at Dayo Wong. She accidentally slipped while doing this and reportedly cried continuously. She was not able to move her legs then.An ambulance was called and Kate was rushed to a nearby hospital Fortunately, Kate did not suffer any fracture to her tailbone, but doctors advised her to recuperate and not move around. In a telephone interview, Kate said: "I was really scared and started crying."Luckily, the doctor said that there was no fracture but the injured spot was swollen. My hands are injured too as I exerted force on my hands during the fall. "I am now recuperating at home and try not to move around."

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