Is Kate Tsui leaving TVB and being dumped by BF due to alleged plastic surgery disaster?

11 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Sharp-eyed fans noticed that Kate Tsui‘s face underwent subtle changes recently.

While filming TVB drama Smooth Talker in October, the media alleged that Kate went under the knife to alter the shape of her eyes and lips, which have been looking rounder and fuller than before.

Kate refuted the plastic surgery rumors several times and expressed that she is too afraid to receive plastic surgery due to future health concerns, reports JayneStars.

However, recent tabloid reports claim that Kate went overboard with plastic surgery procedures, which were beginning to affect her work. Kate’s face stayed bloated for a very long time, affecting her appearance on camera.

Kate and her makeup team had to spend extra hours to cover up the flaws on her face. Kate became “seriously depressed” and halted all her work projects. It was known that she recently turned down a Christmas promotional event so she can rest in Japan.

Adding further anxiety to Kate’s situation are claims that she fell out of favor with rumored boyfriend Charles Chan, TVB’s majority shareholder, and that he is grooming Samantha Ko to replace her.

With her career going nowhere but downward, Kate is emotionally exhausted. Kate reportedly has no plans to renew her TVB contract once it ends.

Asked about TV Queen this year, Kate admitted that she has little chances and revealed her lack of ambition, “I don’t really have a goal, but my final objective is to get married!”

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