Kate Middleton gets mistaken for Frozen's Elsa by adorable New York kids

11 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

We're pretty sure Kate Middleton would totally help these kids build a snowman if they asked nicely enough.

The Duchess of Cambridge stopped by the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem, New York on Monday morning and the adorable kids there mistook her for a Queen from Frozen. 

While she visited the center, Prince George's momma privately met with families in the library, toured the facility, and even helped gift wrap an item during the time she was there.

The silliest part about this whole meet and greet was the fact that the children at center thought they were going to hang with a real-life incarnation of Elsa from the hit Disney movie. 

Perez Hilton reports that Rose Ann Harris, the administration at the center said: "They thought she was the princess from Frozen."

Well, they technically weren't too far off base! Kate is a princess, Duchess, if you will, and she does come from a far away land! She must've been totally flattered.

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