Karena Ng's marriage hopes dashed because Raymond Lam's family dislikes her?

20 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Despite dating for two years, Raymond Lam's familt still disapproves of his high profile relationship with Karena Ng. However, Raymond promised to return to Xiamen to help manage the family business in exchange for marrying Karena.

ihktv via Jayne Stars reports that despite coming from a very wealthy family, Raymong wanted to earn his own keep. To appease his father, Raymond often said that he would eventually leave the entertainment industry to focus on the family business.

Despite these claims, Raymond has a strong passion for his career and has delayed retirement many times. In a last attempt to get Raymond to come home, Lam Wah Kwok allowed Karena to date his son, and agreed to the proposed marriage plans.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship had also met with disapproval from other members of the Lam family. For example, Raymond’s younger brother, Rocky Lam, mcked Karena in a recent social media post.

Caught between the two sides, Raymond put a halt to all marriage plans and shattered Karena’s dreams.

Portrayed as materialistic and loving luxury designer labels, Karena’s dating relationship with Raymond faced an onslaught of negative rumors. Photographed going on luxurious vacations, Karena was targeted for her lavish spending, ever-growing designer handbag collection, and extravagant living style.

Believing these speculations, it was said that Lam Wah Kwok personally requested that Raymond and Karena sign a prenuptial agreement should they ever decide to get married. This was to prevent Karena from obtaining a portion of the Lam’s $2 billion HKD fortune if the couple were to file a divorce.

Karena has continuously denied that her relationship with her future in-laws was on bad terms. Coming to Raymond’s defense, Karena boldly stated, “I don’t really know. His (Raymond) career is not bad. In a lot of families now, the oldest son doesn’t always have to take over the father’s business; he can create his own empire.”

Both Karena and Raymond claim that the Lam family has been very encouraging.

Karena added, “This is not the only time news like this has been written. I’ve responded before. In reality, we all come together for dinner during holidays and we also talk on the phone."

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