Karena Ng spent Tokyo holiday with lover Raymond Lam in separate hotel room

16 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Returning from her Tokyo vacation with Raymond Lam, Karena Ng is glowing happily with love.

Satisfying interest over the couple’s sleeping arrangements while traveling, Karena said they had stayed in separate hotel rooms.Due to Karena’s tender age of 19, eyebrows were raised when she was spotted at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport flying to Japan with 33-year-old Raymond on February 10.

However, Karena’s parents knew that she was taking a vacation with Raymond, and the couple was also accompanied by their friends, reported Jayne Stars.

Did Karena mind that others may be gossiping about her taking an early honeymoon? “We actually had several friends with us, but they flew from different locations.

There were both girls and guys on the trip. I don’t want to talk about such personal matters 'but we had separate rooms,‘ Karena clarified when pressed further.

Karena and Raymond had met on the set of 'Love is Pyjamas' and fell in love. Karena did not wish to reveal the details of how Raymond had pursued her, “We got together quite naturally and it was not a sudden occurrence. When we first started filming, we didn’t know each other too well.

It was some time before we started dating.‘Despite their 14-year gap, the couple said that their age difference did not present any problems. Karena said that Raymond still acts like a “big kid‘ and they did not have any communication issues.When Raymond announced last week that they were in a relationship, Karena was surprised and delighted.

“I didn’t know ahead of time that he would announce it publicly,‘ Karena said. Raymond had hoped that his gesture would stop the slanderous rumors towards Karena’s family and wished to love his girlfriend freely‘“ to be able to openly clasp her hand on the streets when out on a date together.

Raymond’s protective gesture towards Karena received applause, as he showed responsibility as a boyfriend and respect towards her family. “From the start, my impression of Raymond is that he is a very responsible person and knows how to take care of friends around him,‘ Karena said.

For Valentine’s Day, the lovers met their friends in Causeway Bay for a meal. Although the couple is passionately in love, Karena did not have the chance to visit Raymond’s family in Xiamen earlier and called with holiday greetings instead.

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