Karena Ng reportedly spent night at guy's place

9 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
When Raymond Lam and Karena Ng openly announced their relationship in February, they have been in the media spotlight ever since.
After their month-long vacation, the pair has been basking in their honeymoon phase.

However, that recently changed when Karena was rumoured to have cheated on Raymond when he had to fly to China for his new film.

The 19-year-old Karena is known to be a party enthusiast, preferring to spend her nights out at clubs and bars.

She has been rumored with numerous wealthy candidates such as Howard Lam.

It was said that Karena broke up with Derek Lim, son of former Miss Hong Kong winner, Ellen Wong, in order to date Raymond.

Despite a 14-year gap between Karena and Raymond, both of them have voiced many times that they have no communication problems.

Raymond has also been very vocal in his love towards Karena.

However, with Raymond now working in China, Karena may be tempted to pursue her party lifestyle again.

Popular Asians reported that in Raymond’s absence, Karena reportedly resorted to calling her male friends to alleviate boredom.

Last week, she was seen with a Stephen Huynh look-a-like, who was later uncovered to be magazine editor, Jimmy Yu.

Immediately after her function, Karena quickly changed out of her work clothes and into a casual jean ensemble to, meet up with friends, including Jimmy.

After what seemed like a birthday celebration dinner, Karena and her friends went to karaoke and stayed until 3am in the morning.

Eventually, Karena reportedly spent the night at Jimmy’s, leaving question marks hanging in the air.

When the paparazzi approached Raymond, he pushed the party photos away and confidently said, “Don’t make things up, she’s only working for him!‘ Raymond also reassured reporters that he has knowledge about Karena’s whereabouts and that he knows all of her friends.

Karena later responded, “The paparazzi has such imagination...
I was only spending time with some friends, I’m not sure what there is to write about.

I knew I was being followed, but I didn’t know it would be reported in such a manner.‘
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