Karena Ng lets Raymond Lam see her passionate kissing scenes

27 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Karena Ng Chin Yu appeared at the French fashion label Germain's new store opening yesterday.

According to hktopten, Raymond Lam Fung had performed at a concert in Macau two nights ago and thus, did not turn up to show her support.

She was preparing for her film WONG KA YUN at the end of the month. In the film, she will play a kind but a little spoiled Hong Kong woman. She will also have passionate kiss scenes.

She was not afraid that her boyfriend would be jealous and said,  "He is OK, his intimate scenes are more extreme than mine. Mine are more emotional. He can visit the set."

Speaking of playing a Hong Kong woman, Chin Yu declined to directly answer if she often threw tantrums at her boyfriend.

She only admitted, "I am impatient, when I see others slowing down I would be even more impatient. However I don't dare to randomly throw tantrums at my boyfriend."

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