Karena Ng cried so much over Raymond her face was swollen

16 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Karena Ng accepted an interview on nowTV and recalls when she first started dating Raymond Lam.

She expressed she had a lot of pressure when they first started dating since it is her first relationship after entering the industry.

Karena had a hard time adapting to all the stress and it wasn't until they made the relationship public and the public accepted them that they could finally have a normal love life. It was a relieve to her. Karena disclosed her experiences of falling out of love.

She was heartbroken and cried so much her face was swollen. She also envies some artists who have beautiful crying scenes on screen and she will really learn from them. When speaking of the three most beautiful women in her heart?

Karena said: "Brigitte Lin, Teresa Mo and my mother."

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