Karena Ng afraid to spread the flu to Raymond Lam

19 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Karena Ng was sick recently, making her extra wary about passing the bug to BF Raymond. 

She said "I cannot pass it to him as he is opening his concert soon and we use public chopsticks to eat. 

Asked if this meant she could not touch Raymond at all, she replied, "Cannot, and it can pass through saliva."

She also explained that she cannot kiss him because she does not want to pass the bug to him.

Karena also disclosed that she seldom met Raymond as both were busy working and she will be filming a new series soon.

It was a love series and she expressed that she disliked to film love series and when asked if there was any intimate scenes, Karena said "Nope, we are only discussing about love.

Asked if Raymond would get jealous? She replied, "He is more powerful than me and he always films those." 

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