Kara's Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young reduced to tears during radio show

7 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

MBC’s late night Wednesday variety show, “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” was never one for side skirting sensitive issues. They usually take the bulldozer approach to dealing with their guests and usually isn’t afraid of asking the tough questions, reports All K-Pop.

Unfortunately, the success and failure of such tactics depends on how their guests respond and this week it appears that “Radio Star’s” bulldozer approach hit a massive barrier as Kara’s Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young both shed tears during the course of Wednesday’s episode.

The September 4 airing of “Radio Star” featured Park Jin Young, Kara‘s Goo Hara, Han Seung Yeon, and Kang Ji Young as its guests. This isn’t the first time either party has appeared on the show, with Park Jin Young appearing in a much earlier episode of the show and Kara previously featuring in one of the first TV appearances after their group break up situation.

Right from the outset, the program got off to a fiery start.The conversation eventually moves on to MC Kyuhyun. Kara talks about how Kyuhyun came to their waiting room to greet them and how Goo Hara asked him to go a little easy on them and not talk about their private lives, but that promise clearly went straight out the window the moment the recording started.

Kyuhyun then throws out a massive curveball saying that he could finish off Goo Hara if he opens his mouth. Goo Hara angrily gets up and then states that he too can’t hold his head up high.Goo Hara then mentions that this is making her tear up before actually crying for real.

The MCs clearly get flustered and Kyuhyun tries to quickly defuse the issue by saying that it was a joke. Goo Hara mentions that she is “really angry” and continues to cry in front of the flustered MCs. Later on the MCs start to talk about how Kara are massive stars in Japan and how they receive special treatment over there.

The topic then moves on to how Kang Ji Young can make the whole country flip on its head by showing off her cutesy acts. Kang Ji Young says that’s not really the case. The MCs continue to say her cutesy act is the craze of Japan and they eventually ask her to show it off on the show as well. Ji Young initially tries to avoid doing it by saying she initially did it in Japanese.

However, the MCs continue to ask her to show off her cutesy act.Ji Young initially appears to be doing it before asking them why they keep telling her she’s cute when she isn’t. Kim Gura then loudly tells her that if she herself doesn’t even know (If she is cute or not) then who else would.

Kim Gura continues to ask her to show it off but Ji Young continues to say she can’t do it before eventually shaking her head and saying she doesn’t want to do it.The MCs at this point seem to admit defeat and they mention how she might start crying if they keep asking her. At this point Kang Ji Young once again says that she really isn’t cute and yet they keep asking her.

At this point Kang Ji Young actually begins to cry, which once again flusters the MCs with Kyuhyun lambasting his own MC team saying that they shouldn’t have done this. Goo Hara tries to explain that it has been awhile since they’ve been on a Korean variety show and Ji Young continues to tearfully mention how they kept asking her to act cute when she isn’t. Once again, everyone tries to defuse the situation and the show eventually moves onto Park Jin Young before finally ending the show.

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