KARA Gyuri's ride on train sparks interest among fans

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

A photo of Park Gyuri inside the subway was revealed, stirring much interest.According to an article in Drama Fever, on the morning of May 1st, KARA Official Line account posted the picture along with the description, ‘˜Gyuri rides the train after a long time~!’In the photo, Park Gyuri is holding on to a subway handle while gazing into the distance. The photo is especially interesting because netizens have labelled it as Park Gyuri’s everyday, natural ‘˜college student pose’ on the subway. Furthermore, Park Gyuri’s warm yet innocent charm in the photo is gaining feverish interest from fans.This picture was actually shot during filming of MBC's Nail Shop Paris.Park Gyuri reportedly behaved like an excited child during filming on the train despite her calm look in the photo.

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