Kai Ko's first taste of drugs was at Jaycee Chan's house

21 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

The Beijing police have confirmed the drug arrests of actors Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan, the son of action star Jackie Chan made on Aug 14.

According to The China Post/Asia News Network, as the amount of the seized marijuana is deemed to be more than what is plausible for personal use, Chan, who allegedly is the owner of the drugs, may face severe legal consequences, ranging from three to five years of imprisonment or even the death penalty. 23-year-old Kai Ko filmed an apology video.

In the video, Ko is seen tearing up in front of a camera in a detention centre in China, in which the actor said he was very regretful and sorry to all the people who support and like him.

"I am sorry that I've let them down and have become a bad influence.

"I've made a poor example for young people. I've made a huge mistake. 

"After learning from this mistake, I will try to make myself a better person."

According to Asian Pop News, Kai confessed that he did drugs for two years. His first taste of cannabis was at Jaycee Chan's house.

He said: "When he (Jaycee Chan) first took it (marijuana) out from his house, I was taken aback.

"But because it was him, I felt that it was alright.

"I was foolish to think that I could just leave after sniffing it once."

Jaycee's mother, Lin Fengjiao, had disliked her son hanging out with Kai at first, thinking he was bad influence.

However, it turned out that Jaycee had introduced drugs to Kai instead.

Besides Jackie Chan, Kai's father has also apologised to the media for "not teaching his son well."

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