Kai Ko recalls his past relationship with Elva Hsiao

20 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao made headlines recently after ending their two-year relationship.

Apple Daily reports via Asianpopnews that Kai recently announced his single status and was suspected to have badmouthed his ex-girlfriend via Facebook.

When he celebrated his 23rd birthday, Kai seemed to reflect on his heartbreaking relationship.  The Taiwanese actor-singer wrote on his mirco-blog:

“My birthday this year is both painful and fruitful. But at least I was serious, I worked hard and I was committed. I gave all out and I received sadness.

"However, I will cherish all these feelings and everything around me. There was time when I was immature and childish. I hope I will get better and better.”

Kai was photographed putting his arm around a woman and was criticised by Elva’s fans. Facing the harsh criticism, Kai said he “accepted humbly” and thanked people who had encouraged him.

“This is a harsh lesson learnt. I am not sure if I can stride across like before, but at least we are able to figure out now.”

When Elva and Kai first started dating, Elva was dressed as a cheerleader and organised his birthday party for him. Last year, the duo were said to be in trouble after Kai was rumoured to be dating Chinese-American fashion boutique owner, Rigel Davis.

Being single this year, Kai will celebrate his birthday by having a meal with his family.

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