K-pop's ballad prince Tim Hwang knows he doesn't do fast songs well

29 October 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

Source: The Straits TimesKorean pop singer Tim Hwang knows he is not exactly boy band material.Known for his sweet, sensitive and princely image, he has crooned love ballads such as Saranghamnida (I Love You) and Unnecessary Words, which featured on the hit romance-fantasy drama Secret Garden (2010-2011).But in the red-hot K-pop scene dominated by dance-pop boybands and girl groups, a solo power balladeer like him understandably feels outnumbered.Says the 30-year-old Korean-American dubbed "the ballad prince" in South Korea: "It's definitely different, we're not getting the same attention that we used to. At the same time, it's still what it is. It's just another time and trend, as any fashion trend that comes in circles."It's like, maybe we're a pair of corduroys. One time they were the biggest trend, then they disappeared. But corduroys are corduroys. They'll come back one day."The affable singer will be here on Nov 29 for his first fan meet in Singapore at the Hard Rock Cafe.He recently starred in an Indonesian-Korean TV drama titled Saranghae, I Love You, and held his first concert in Indonesia last month.Asked if given another chance at a showbiz career he would want to start out in a boyband, he laughs heartily."Um, I don't know. Sometimes I do feel like I want to sing fast songs but, you know, maybe that's not, uh, my best area".

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