K-pop stars who look like their...errm, pets?

17 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

It is undeniable that many idol stars absolutely love and adore animals, especially their own pets.

Some even have up to four or five dogs they can cuddle with at home!

Not to mention, stars like KARA's Hara and Daniel Henney even took part in photo shoots with their pets, reported allkpop.

And you know what they say -- pets will look like their owners!

This turned out to be quite true when you check out the allkpop-compiled list of idols with lookalike pets.

1.  Chansung and Jeonggam

Chansung and his cat both look alike because of their long, thin noses and defined facial features.

In this picture, the resemblance is especially uncanny because of Chansung's gray and silver eye make-up that matches the color of Jeonggam's fur.

2.  Eunhyuk and Choco

In this picture, it appears Eunhyuk is purposely trying to look like his cute little Choco.

They both are widening their eyes, looking quite surprised. They are also sporting similar light brown hair!

3. Heechul and Champagne

Heechul definitely has pretty cat-like features. He has a long, thin, defined nose just like his cat as well as the piercing gaze and brownish hairstyle.

They especially have the similar, slender face shape.

4.  Jaejoong and Jiji

Jaejoong is especially known for having cattish features, which is why he looks fairly similar to Jiji.

Not only do they have dark physical traits like hair and eye color but they also seem like they would be able to hide in the shadows and none would be the wiser.

5. Jia and Sunday

This adorable cat looks a bit grumpy, almost as if it's thinking, "Human, stop with the kisses!"

But how could Jia stop?  Sunday is freaking adorable and has beautiful green-yellow eyes.

Jia is another person who has pretty cattish eyes and features. She and Sunday both give off charismatic yet lovable charms.

6. Jokwon and Princess Gaga

Jokwon has a long, slender face like Princess Gaga.

They also have pretty cute puppy eyes and some aegyo.

7. Shindong and Jjaboo

Jjaboo looks like a pretty tough pet to mess with, yet you can't help falling in love with it at first sight because of a certain charm.

Shindong shares that same likability, round eyes, and round face shape.

8. Tiffany and Prince

This type of dog seems to be idol stars' favorite, an adorable, furry, white dog you could pick up with just one hand.

I kept seeing this breed with various idols and could have been tricked into thinking it was all the same dog.

Anyway, Tiffany and Prince have large eyes, a cute charm, and sweet innocence that just makes you want to protect them both.

9. Yesung and Kkoming

Here is another tough looking puppy.

They look pretty similar with the shaggy black hair and cute, roundish face!

10. Yoochun and Harang

Well, talk about shaggy hair.

When Yoochun has long hair like that, there is a certain attractive wildness that comes into play and matches that of the gigantic wolf of a dog, Harang.

That is a big, huggable dog.

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